Back Snack Program
Sometimes it’s rough financially.  Seasonal work can slow down, layoffs happen and unexpected expenses really put a strain on our budgets.
If you have a child attending New Stanley and you are concerned that they do not have  enough to eat during the weekends; call Nurse Teresa.  She will add your child/children to the Back Snack Program.
Back Snacks are designed to give your child food to take home that does not require cooking.  The food items also do not need refrigeration.
There are 2 breakfast and 2 afternoon meals in the bag.  These items are meant only for your child.  1 bag per child enrolled.
Food Pantries are a wonderful way to help with that small grocery budget.
Call Nurse Teresa or Ms. Short if you need information on other resources available in the community.

Teresa Ryan Nurse
E-mail: Teresa.Ryan@kckps.org 913-627-3966

Jessica Short Counselor
Email: Jessica.Short@kckps.org 913-627-3956