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Contact New Stanley

Communication is key!  Please visit, call, email, or follow us on Facebook to connect with New Stanley for information.

Call Us! 913-627-3950
Visit Us! 3604 Metropolitan Ave., KCK, 66106
Email Us! Shonielle Roberson, Principal                          E-mail: shonielle.roberson@kckps.org

Lisa Guzman, Principal’s Secretary                  E-mail: Lisa.Guzman@kckps.org

Melissa Bottcher, Attendance Secretary          E-mail:Melissa.Bottcher@kckps.org

Sarah Smotherman, Head Custodian                E-mail: sarah.smotherman@kckps.org

Raymond Garrett, Evening Custodian             E-mail: Raymond.Garrett@kckps.org

Leon Jordan, Custodian                                    E-mail: Leon.Jordan@kckps.org